How It Works

The Cofi Coo Quillow is a versatile, machine washable travel pillow and blanket that can be transformed from a simple blanket to a beautiful, neat pillow. Your task is to fold it over nicely into the tuck-in edge on one end and voila.

The illustration and instruction clip below shows how to fold our activity blanket into a cushion in just 3 easy steps!  You can also use this video to encourage and teach your child about tidying up and taking responsibility for their possessions.  

Quillow Blanket Instructions



The perks that come with the Quillows are endless! Here are but a few:

Playtime - ignite their imagination

Your kids can use our Quillows as a play mat or an activity blanket for creating their den and adventures. The numerous customised characters on the Quillows keeps your kids engaged throughout the trip, exploring their imaginative prowess.

Nap time - promote restful sleep

Perhaps you intend to keep your kids warm while asleep or use it as a pillow; our Quillows offer the right solution. Whether out camping in the woods with your kids or snuggling up in the car, our products serve as a beautiful warm blanket or as a cosy pillow that your kid will hug to their dreams.

Tidy time - learn responsibility

Our Quillows are easily foldable. Your children can easily fold them into a cushion, thus teaching them to be responsible. Our products act as storytelling activity blankets that ignites the imagination of your kids, promotes their restful sleep, and enables them to learn their responsibility. Even long after the adventure, the Quillow remains a companion that will keep your kids' memories running. You may have to invent creative ways of tucking it away from their sight without them noticing it.